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all right, stick around. "fox and friends".com. we're going to talk about more of her big evening and more celebrities she photographed from the back. [ laughter ] we are learning more about how authorities are monitoring the surviving boston bombing suspect. 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev waking up this morning in a federal prison hospital and confined to a small cell with a steel door. authorities say that he hasn't spoken much since he was read his miranda rights. good morning. welcome to america's i'm heather childers with n for jamie colby. i'm eric shawn. he is being kept under heavy facility. he is right now at the federal
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medical center, located on the ground of a former army base. it's right in the middle of the state. it is designed specifically for inmates in need of long term medical care. they ce more secure than he potentially was at the hospital in downtown boston. david lee miller is live near that bombing site. good morning david lee. >> reporter: good morning. ordinarily on a sunday morning the square behind me would be quiet and sleepy. that is not the case this morning. almost two weeks after the double bombings took place just a few hundred feet where i am now. take a look over my shoulder. off in the distance you can see the makeshift memorial that you mentioned. thousands are still coming to here throughout the day bringing flowers and cards and o items of rbrance.
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this as six of those that were injured remain in the hospital. many of those who were hurt lost limbs. others suffered serious injuries that will require months and months, possibly a lifetime of care. they did receive some good news this weekend. rehabilitation hospital here in boston opened a new facility. among the patients, roseanne is she is an amputee because of bombings and this new facility will accelerate her recovery. >> so far, it looks beautiful. i can't wait to see a new facility here. i'm looking forward to it. it's definitely going to speed up people's recovery w everything they have. >> as you memgd dzhokar tsarnaev is recovering this morning. he is 40 miles outside the city of boston at a federal medical facility.
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depending on the level of security, inmates do not have access to tv. they do not have access to radios. their cells can be monitored on surveillance cameras 24 hours a day. lastly, all indications are that the two brothers acted alone, but still many questions do remain this morning. what if any help they received. back to you. >> eric: we'll be talking to the next hour about peter king and memorial was incredibly moving. there was a police officer standing there in front of forum and he is being thanked, people shaking his hand. they all appreciate it. david lee, thank you so much. >> they say he has not provided any substantial information less cooperative how does the investigation move forward. joining me how is former deputy assistant of.
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thank you for joining us. >> heather: we were talking about this federal medical detention center where tsarnaev is being held. it's about 45 miles outside of boston. a small door where they put food and medication. that is is all he is being allowed at this point. how does the investigation move forward with him inside of that facility? >> a lot of things are going on right now. you have f.b.i. agents and investigators in russia. they are going to look for any indication that tamerlan traveled back there six months had any kind of help in building bombs and how to build bombs. they are going to look at all the people he saw and contacted and made sure there is no indication that those people are connected with any kind of terrorist organization. at the same time you've got an investigation now based on forensics. the f.b.i. lab probably provided to the boston office and to the
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joint task force the results of the information they are getting from the forensics exam. what they will do is go back out in the field and run everything down and find out where these components were purchased. they will ask for film. if there is video of this. if you are looking at video and all the social media type of things we have available to us trying to find these laptops these guys had to cellphones and everything else. by the time all fits together, all the investigation, all the investigation here they were doing before and after and during the bombing, they'll have complete answers of whether or not there was anyone else in this situation. what you find is couple lone offenders. >> heather: you say they were lone offenders but there is a rush to judgment on that.
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they didn't receive any help. hey, let's but the brakes on this. we are only in this week so far and we are already saying they did this alone. >> sure. i think the rush to judgment was actually the other way around. many people wanted to say right away this is part of a conspiracy. keep in mind the f.b.i. investigation, we're talking about one side or the other or one argument or the other, they are following the trail and following the facts. almost immediately when you had no claim of credit by any terrorist organization and statement they acted alone but it didn't stop them from conducting a full investigation and pursuing everything is out there available. you find the pieces of puzzle, you put the puzzle together and the puz left lane speak for itself. i clearly understand why people want these answers, we all do. i think at the end of the day,
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that is what we're going to be find out. >> heather: it will be interesting what the older brother did in russia when she visited there for six months. thanks for joining us. >> eric: there are new developments. another attack this one at italian prime minister's office. a gunman wound ago police officer and bystander. they call it a quote criminal gesture by an unemployed man. they say the suspect then tried to kill himself after the shooting but he ran out of bullets. the incident happened as the new prime minister was being sworn in. that suspected gunman is in custody. reports say he is mentally unbalanced. his brother telling the media this morning that until the shooting, his brother was fine. >> heather: another story, a mississippi man has been charged with sending poison laced letters to president obama and
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others. the suspect james everett dusky. he is expected to appear in federal court tomorrow. he could face life in prison tomorrow if convicted. elizabeth prann has the latest on this story. >> reporter: the second person that we have seen in this case. 41-year-old everett dusky will be facing federal charges including the possession, development and stockpiling of a biological toxin and delivery system to use as a weapon. charge could result in a life sentence and $250,000 dollar fine. martial arts instructor was arrested after authorities searched his home and a former business just days ago. his attorney has not responded to requests for a comment but her client is denying any wrongdoing. >> my family knows, i don't have anything to do with this. people that actually know me know i don't have anything to do with this. quite frankly the people that don't know this is just crazy.
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this is just insane. >> reporter: that was an interview on tuesday. this as we learn of a bizarre between him and paul kevin curtis. elvis impersonator taken in early in the investigation. later we saw those charges placing threats in the mail dropped. he is due in federal court on monday and suggesting that her client may have been framed. authorities have not released how they linked letters to him. he does appear to have personal ties to at leas the three people who were addressed in the letters. >> heather: part of that involved who was in fact a member of menza and very twisted trail. thank you very much. >> eric: on this sunday morning, the world is watching president obama for his next move on syria. this week the white house announced they believe that the
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syrian regime did deploy chemical weapons on its own people in the use of chemical weapons has been a so-called red line announced by president obama as so-called, quote, game changer. the use of chemical weapons could trigger a is u.s. response. >> a red line for us, we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> i've been very clear publicly but also privately that for the syrian government that utilize chemical weapons on its people starts the alarm that will change how the united states approaches these issues. >> eric: one nation certainly wafs watching those words is iran waiting to see if the u.s. actions could match those warnings. the president has issued similar
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red line warnings to tehran over their suspeed nuclear weapons program. what does the policy in syria tell the iranians comes to building a possible bomb? john bolton and senior fellow at american enterprise institute joins us. good morning, ambassador. they are learning and what do you think they are writing down in memos today in tehran? >> i think they are seeing the president's red line looks to be written in invisible ink. it's very significant. president obama made his first trip to israel as president a few weeks ago. behind the scenes comments meetings with israeli officials. he stressed over and over again the mantra that all options are on the table regarding iran's nuclear weapons program. he pushed the israelis as he has in the first four years for them not to use preemptive military
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force. left them with a clear impression that the united states would do whatever it took including military force to stop iran from achieving that objective. i think he was never serious about that regardless of my feelings, when you see this red line disappear, you have to believe that both israelis on one hand and iranian leaders on the other are drawing the appropriate conclusion. >> eric: in his defense, president says he wants conclusive evidence they have actually used chemical weapons. he wants to be prudent. shouldn't he be lauded for being cautious and going slowly and taking it step by step? >> here is for evidence and prudence, why didn't he say that first time he opened his mouth? this is pattern the president has talking about a timetable withdrawing from afghanistan saying that the perpetrators of the september 11th attacks that killed our ambassador and three
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others in benghazi would be -- those people would be brought to justice. when you are president of united states you have to be precise when you issue that kind of ultimatum. i happen to think personally his red line on syria was wrong. that is not the issue here. he is the one that drew the red line and that hurts his credibility. more to the point it hurts our country's credibility. >> eric: what do you think he should have done? >> the right red line, we will not tolerate these chemical weapons or any their components falling into the hands of terrorists or leaving the country. that would have directly threatened american citizens. that would have been a clear risk to our vital national interests. i think with a more limited scope to the mission, that is to say preventing weapons from leaving the country, it would have minimized the risk to american forces. dealing with chemical weapons is very dangerous whether you
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destroy them from the air or whether you send special operations forces in to destroy em in place. it's very tricky business. i think he should have thought about this before he made his first comments. >> eric: you are saying assad a pass to use chemical weapons on his own people? >> i think when you are talking about deploying american forces into a civil war situation, you have to tie it directly to american interests. while the humanitarian risk inside syria to the opposition would have been high, i think the president first has to consider the risks to americans to our personnel. that is why i would have redefined the red line to making sure the chemical weapons didn't exit syria. >> eric: there is a team of 150 on standby in jan to potentially secure those weapons. what do we do? >> i don't think just because the president spoke foolishly we should compound our error and
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take a step simply to redeem his loss credibility. you have to put that in the memory bank and have the next president redeem america's credibility. we have to focus on the fact that aiding the opposition directly or indirectly risks having radicals taking control if assad is overthrown. this is a conflict where there is nobody with a white hat. that is a strategic fact of life unpleasant it may be. >> eric: and 70,000 syrians have been killed and it goes on. ambassador bolton, thank you for your analysis this morning. >> heather: still to come new hope for travelers dealing with long lines and delays at the airport. we will tell you why furloughed control tower employees may be going back to work and soon. >> eric: plus exercise, exercise. guess what? now we're told that burns calories but actually cure many
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common health issues. >> heather: i believe that. >> eric: let's see what the doctors have to say. they will be here in a few moments on sunday house call. ♪
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. in an exclusive interview the chairman of the house homeland security committee on new developments in the boston bombing investigation. congressman mccall he believes the suspected bombers planned on killing more americans. >> look, when they executed the search warrant, they found up to ten explosive devices. that indicates to me, they stayed in the boston area that indicates a second wave of attacks. individual that whose car was carjacked, they were taken about manhattan, they were talking in russian but they were talking about manhattan, possibly going to times square. eel very certain they were on their way to times square to detonate ten more explosive devices in new york. >> heather: joining me now is
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anchor chris wallace. ten additional explosives potentially, putting them off in new york city. what additionally did you learn new? >> that was interesting because there have been some talk. we knew and it was announced this week by new york mayor bloombe and police commissioner kelly there had been this talk about the younger brother, the suspect dzhokar tsarnaev about going to manhattan. chairman mccall, he is the head of homeland security committee talked about with it a lot more certainty. the other couple things he talked about, he said he still firmly believes there is a foreign connection here and there are people of interest either overseas or in this country who were involved in some way. he thinks that the weapon was used, these bombs were too sophisticated to have just been picked up over the internet. he thinks there was training
7:23 am
going on. mother may have been involved in radicalizing the older brother. he spoke of continuing concern about the ball was dropped dropped in several cases. there was information that was learned by the f.b.i. from russian authorities. information learned by the c.i.a. from russian authorities. they were tracking the brothers' trip but they don't seem to be talking each other so when the older brother, tamerlan, came back there wasn't an effort to be put on a watch list. it would have certainly increased chances of stopping it. >> heather: he returns in july, in august he started posting videos on youtube. then in september, his younger brother becomes a younger citizen. what about in terms of the investigation itself once they arrested dzhokar tsarnaev in terms of questioning him.
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he is not saying as much. he closed off but initially they were able to speak to him over two sessions over three days. do they believe there was a mistake there in reading miranda rights so early? >> we talked to him and democratic senator joe manchin and they expressed considerable distress. it's not the judge, once he had been formally charged on a criminal charge in federal court the judge that went over the next day on monday to the hospital had to notify him of his miranda rights. the question is why was the department of justice in such a hurry to charge him in a criminal case not to continue to question him either not reading his miranda rights or call him an enemy combatant. why were they soe in such a hurry to charge him to be lawyered up and stop talking? >> heather: we can get all more
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on your interviews. >> no miranda rights for me, thank you, heather. >> heather: you'll have more on texas congressman michael mccall and john manchin and chris is signature down to israeli ambassador to the u.s. it airs at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. only on fox. >> eric: they are remembering and offering sunday morning prayers in boston. coming up, more survivors are speaking out. they are describing the horror of their ordeal on the road to recovery. dr. siegle visited some of the victims and their stories coming up. >> i wanted to rise above this. there will always be a scar, but i will not let them win or stop me from living me a normal, happy life, especially here in boston because boston is a great city. only rzr delivers.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for sunday house calls and joining us is dr. mark siegle associate medical professor and author of the inner pulse. >> and dr. david samadi chief of robotics at the mt. sinai medical center. good to see you. dr. siegle you were up in boston. we were reporting there together this week. of course, you had that tremendous sense that those bombs that exploded on boylston street and tore at our security in this nation, many remain at the hospital. you visited some of those people and they have incredible stories. >> some of focus is shifting away from the terrorists to the survivors which is
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